dilton memorial hall


Dilton Marsh Memorial Hall is the ideal venue for any event; whether you are looking to hold a Children’s Party, Christening Reception, Wedding Reception, or a Family gathering.

Alternatively you might need a home for your Society or Club meetings or maybe you might be looking to hire the hall for an Educational Course, Out of Office meetings,  whether it be for one session, a day or a whole term.

“We Know Dilton Marsh Memorial Hall Is The Place For You”

The hall has the space, all the usual facilities and equipment together with catering equipment, to meet all your requirements, whilst protecting your home environment against wear and tear and any damaging spills etc:

For Very Little Cost..... So Why Not Give It A Try....

This hall was built in 1921 in memory of the brave lads of Dilton who served in the Great War 1914 - 1918.

Key Features Include

  1. -Large stage with lighting and sound system

  2. -Extensive floor space

  3. -Fully equipped kitchen

Welcome to Dilton Memorial Hall