dilton memorial hall


Pricing for the hall is on an hourly basis.

The competitive rates for hire of the hall are.....

MAIN HALL - £12.00 per hour. Regular Users will attract a discount on this figure.

SMALL MEETING HALL, ideal for smaller meetings, courses, training days, band practice etc - £5.00 per hour.

A £20 deposit will be payable in advance unless the full amount of the hire period is paid at the time of booking. Should you cancel your hire within less than 48 hours of your event, the fee paid is NON REFUNDABLE. Full contact deals must be provided to the bookings officer.

There is an additional charge of £15 for the use of the FULL KITCHEN FACILITIES. Use of the kitchen for Tea and Coffee only is £5.00

SALE OF LIQUOR at any function requires the use of the village hall premises licence. There is an additional charge of £25 for this licence, NO other form of liquor licence is acceptable, alternatively, the village hall committee will stock and run a bar for no charge with Bar profits going to hall funds or your guests may bring their own alcohol.

There is crockery and cutlery for 120 place settings, together with a range of glassware available for hire. Please state requirements when booking the hall.

The crockery, cutlery, glassware, tables and chairs maybe hired for private functions away from the facility. (Hall bookings permitting). Please enquire about prices and availability via the Treasurer/Booking Clerk.

The hirer is deemed to have accepted the FULL TERMS AND CONDITIONS of hire upon acceptance of the booking by the Booking Officer.

All users are expected to leave the hall in the same ‘CLEAN AND TIDY’ condition they found it in. BEFORE the start of the next session.

All charges are PAYABLE IN ADVANCE on receipt of invoice.

All enquiries and bookings to be made via the Bookings Officer.

We hope all hirers enjoy using the Dilton Memorial Hall but we would respectfully ask that careful usage be exercised to ensure the facilities longevity and financial viability.

The Management Committee reserves the right to review  and change the schedules shown below without notice.

Dilton Memorial Hall Fees & Bookings